About Me

Get to know more about me and what I have done! If you have time anyways!

Thank you for checking out my website! I'm Nick aka Darkmage4 or just Mage, I am a life long gamer, avid videographer, Photographer. I enjoy playing Horror games, FPS, and Adventure games. I started out in 2012 and officially started Darkmage4 Productions in 2013. I have proudly used the name Darkmage4 since I was 11!
YouTube and Twitch have been the biggest part of my life. Online entertainment is something I really enjoy, and have been enjoying a lot. Creating YouTube content, like My Found Footage Movie A Trapped Soul was 100% fun to make! I've never acted in my life. It was fun, and all unscripted. Whatever came to my head while filming I just did. The only part was my brothers, trying to get them to see my vision, and that took at least 4-5 takes. But once we got it, we got it!
To live streaming on Twitch has been a lot of fun, and I'll tell you why!

Early Years

It was the year 1999-2000. You have VHS, PlayStation 1, and blank tapes! What do you do with them? That's right! You record your game play and then show them to your friends! It's funny how the reality today is doing the same exact thing back in the early 2000's. I wish I had the tapes! I would have digitized them and uploaded them with all the VHS particles and all!

Fast forward to 2013+ I started finding ways to record screens. Yes, that infamous way of using your phone, or camera to record your TV screen! It wasn't until I bought a Roxio capture card from a friend, when I was able to record my PS3 and Xbox 360 game play and upload them to youtube! I didn't have an idea about editing videos, so everything was uploaded! It wasn't until 2015-2016 when I learned about editing videos, and by this time I had gotten an Elgato!


I have a full sized computer now, with a 3 monitor set up. Where I can stream, or record game play and Adobe to edit videos and pictures! (I am not sponsored by Elgato, Sony, nor Adobe, just to clarify!) But check out my latest YouTube video or Twitch stream to find out a lot more!