My name is Nick, or better known as Mage!

HISTORY: Created July 16th 2006 (Wow that's a very long time!)

I had a channel that started out as a AMV (Anime Music Video)/FMV(Full Motion Video) channel about Final Fantasy. Which turned into a Gaming Live Stream (Nick Bean Gaming) Which is now long gone. It was about 2013 when I decided I wanted to restart my channel and become a Video Game Commentator. I didn't have the necessary devices/options available at the time, so I made do with what little I had. (An iPod and a TV/PS3) Now I have a gaming computer, a Mic, Green screen, and much more!

My passion started when I was 10. Back in 2000 before YouTube was a thing, When AOL 7.0 was still a thing, I remember I recorded video game footage onto VHS tapes and played it back to friends and commentated before I even knew what a Video Game Commentator was!

Who am I??
Who am I you ask? Well, I'm a lover, a video gamer and a vlogger! I enjoy the little things in life, and care deeply about my passions. I have 2 cats Bandit and Shadow, and I am engaged to someone I adore every day.
I love Hardstyle, and other EDM music, Some Rap music, and a lot of Metal and Rock music. My most favorite band is Five Finger Death Punch!
I do my own editing on Videos.
I'm a down to earth guy, and I love my life!